Once a Disney World vacation is planned, “Where should we stay” is often the first question asked. The options are many, from Disney’s own resort properties, to the hundreds of off-site hotels near Walt Disney World. But increasingly, a third option is being chosen, a vacation rental home, and for good reason. In this article, we will explore why a Disney World rental house just may be the best choice for your Disney vacation.

For starters, a vacation home is likely to have a lot more space for your family, and for many families this offers dual benefits. More space means more family peace and harmony. It is also likely to be a cost savings, since family size for many folks means multiple hotel rooms. Vacation home rentals however, can sleep anywhere from 4 to 16 people comfortably. More space, and the same or less money than a hotel room means a better overall value.

With a rental house, you will have a kitchen. In fact you will likely have a well-stocked kitchen with everything you could possibly needincluding, dishes, pots and pans, glasses, coffee pot, can opener, bake wear, and other assorted kitchen items. cozyturtlerv The ability to easily prepare and eat in for some meals is another, potentially huge, cost savings for your vacation, as you will have the ability to make meals and snacks at a fraction of what you would pay at the theme parks.

Often overlooked is the fact that you may have in your rental property, multiple entertainment options at no additional cost. Many vacation homes have in-house home theatres, game rooms, private pools, video games and may even have access to community centers with fitness and other recreation activities.

And then there is the privacy/relaxation factor: yes it is possible to relax on a Disney vacation! Many homes are located in gated communities, offering a secluded “get away from it all” feeling that you just cannot find at a Disney resort property, or most hotel properties for that matter. You can relax and unwind in your personal pool or spa, take advantage of your home’s theatre, or play video games in the game room…for as long as you like, at no additional cost.

There are a variety of vacation rental options close to Disney World, ranging from small condos to large houses that can accommodate multiple families. They come fully furnished with all furniture, and most have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, again making for a much more comfortable vacation stay than the average hotel room. Linens are usually provided, along with a starter supply of paper and other basics.

Many Disney vacationers are discovering what beach-goers have known for years: having a rental house can be the perfect way to vacation, providing lots of space and great amenities at a superior value. A Disney World rental house just may be the best and most affordable option for your Disney family vacation.

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