The cello is a beautifully handcrafted musical instrument. It has a warm tone compared to other string instruments such as the violin or viola. Now that you have decided to learn to play the cello, you should consider the following before starting cello lessons.

1. Buy or rent a cello

Before you start cello lessons, you will need a source for your cello. You can buy or rent a personal cello. Some students aren’t sure if they like to play the cello and just want to take a test lesson to test it out. My advice in this case is to rent one. It usually costs about $100 to rent a high-quality cello for a month, properly set up for the best sound quality. A deposit is required for the value of the instrument at the local cello shop. This deposit is fully refundable upon return of the cello, cello bow and case in good condition.

If you like the sound of the cello and are confident that you will enjoy lessons with your cello teacher, then buy the cello. Visit a number of reputable musical instrument stores in your city and try out as many cellos as you like. The main thing is to choose a professional cello according to your budget and sound quality.

2. Choosing an Appropriate Cello Bow

In addition to cellos, check with your local musical instrument dealer to select the right bow for your instrument. Different cello bows produce different tones on the same instrument. So choose this wisely.

3. Sheet music and music theory books

You should buy a good guide for your cello teacher to guide you through your first cello lesson. The Suzuki Cello Book (volume 1) is a great place to start as it covers the basics such as proper posture, how to care for a cello, and how to read notes.

Your instrument teacher will have to cover basic music theory with you. The theory books in the ABRSM series are the best choice in this regard.

4. Purchase a music rest

Some students neglect to install a music stand, believing that they are not required. In fact, the music rest is important because it maintains correct posture when playing the cello. Support sheet music and books on the music stand and practice with music instruments. Many brands of music rest are available. Choose one according to your budget.

The above constitutes a basic starter kit before we start our music lessons. Once you’ve mastered this, go ahead and enjoy your cello lessons!

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