Today, anyone can create a website, but how much does it really cost to build a website that will increase your company’s turnover and make your customers happy?

This guide lists the different types of projects, the associated budgets according to the type of service provider, as well as the additional costs to be expected. The goal is to show how to manage your budget well when you want to create an efficient and profitable website.

Here we will cover three separate chapters:

  • How much does a website cost according to its typology?
  • How much does a website cost depending on the service provider?
  • What are the additional costs of a website?

When you ask the question of the cost to build a website to any web professional, the answer is always the same: “it depends”. Yes, but what does it depend on?

First, it must be understood that the price of a website is calculated mainly in the time necessary for its realization.
The more complex your project will be and will require a significant amount of work in terms of design and development, the more your site will cost.

Second, the price varies depending on the level of customization you will require for your project.
A site made from an already existing model will not cost the same price as a site designed and developed to measure according to the needs of your project. Depending on your budget, you may have to make concessions.

Third, as with any other service, the type of provider directly affects the price.
If you want a professional result with a high level of requirement, complete support and a result that meets your needs as closely as possible, you will have to pay the price.

How much does it cost to create a website?

One of the best ways to illustrate the cost of a website is to list the most common types of projects and associate a price range with them.
These estimates are based on our long experience and many projects ranging from €1,000 to €100,000.

All budgets listed below are average estimates based on the minimum and maximum prices charged by the majority of freelancers and web agencies. These price ranges are deliberately very wide to cover as many cases as possible.
If you receive a quote that greatly exceeds these estimates upwards or downwards, a word of advice: Run away!

If you are in a hurry or you do not have the courage to read this entire article, here is an infographic and a summary table of the price of a website by type of project


The budget for a website varies according to the complexity and scope of the functional scope.
We have shown examples of different types of sites, solutions and associated costs.

You might as well announce the color now: you will exceed your budget.
For the good and simple reason that you will have new ideas during the life of your project.
The more your website brings you customers and turnover, the more you will want to implement new strategies and features to go even further.

With this in mind, it is wiser to think in terms of return on investment rather than in terms of expenditure when you calculate the budget for your web project.
To optimize your budget, apply the following methodology:

  1. Think about your business goals
  2. Translate them into needs and functionalities
  3. Classify these into two categories: vital and secondary
  4. Ask for quotes with options for secondary elements
  5. Choose the most relevant solution to achieve your goals


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