When new businesses open, they hang huge store signs in their façade. Commonly, they use panaflex signs that can light up at night. While this type of signs can provide the necessary display of business name and accompanying products or services, they are not very attractive or eye-catching during the day. With bright daytime environment, these signs become ordinary signs that can easily be dismissed.

If you’re a store owner, you certainly would nike neon signs want the attention of the people in the streets. Your signs should draw their gazes and make them aware of your business’ presence. Employing neon signs will definitely be helpful in these cases.

Neon open signs are one of the most effective attention-grabbing units you can put outside your store. People couldn’t help but find their gazes veering towards these bright and colorful units. This neon signs may be old technology. They were used several decades back but because of their effectiveness as instant advertising tools for the stores, they still continue to serve their purpose even to this day.

What’s great about these neon open signs is that they don’t easily die down. Panaflex signs with fluorescent lights inside will take you several light replacements in a year. The neon signs, on the other hand, when installed in a secure place can be operational for a decade. This is how durable and longer-lasting these units are.

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