So many people think that the gift of prophecy is a hard gift to get and harder still to minister in. The truth is that the prophetic is easy, and ministering in the prophetic is highly rewarding, but there are reasons why people do not do it.

One of the biggest reasons people do not move in the prophetic is that they are afraid that they are going to get a prophetic word wrong. This fear of being wrong paralyzes them. The fear of being called a false prophet because they got a prophecy wrong must hold thousands and thousands of people back from moving in the gifts of prophecy.

Satan likes to tell people that they are only making up a prophecy themselves. This is why it is important to give a prophetic person good feedback when they give you a prophetic word. Satan attacks prophetic people at a level few Christians ever get to experience.

Yet with all the problems that come with operating in the prophetic, the gift is real and there is real power that can be released through the prophetic. People’s whole lives can be changed and healed through a prophetic word. People can be set free, bondage’s can be broken off and people can be edified in such a way that they go on and do remarkable things as a result of a prophetic word.

Walking in the prophetic is a life full of joy and power. Moving powerfully in the Request personal prophetic word, speaking into the lives of people with the power of the Holy Spirit is something to be experienced. I encourage so many people to take on the gift and move in the gift as it is remarkable how powerful the Lord can come upon you and how much of a wonderful effect you can have on peoples lives

I encourage you all to see God for the gift of prophecy and ask a prophet to pray that you receive the gift.

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